Don't Wreck Your Social Security Claim

Don't Wreck Your Social Security Claim
Consumer Guide 501.798.0004

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Disability Determination 501.798.0004

Determination of DisabilityThe Social Security Administration has developed a five step test to determine if you are disabled according to their definition. When a claim is initially filed, it will go through this five step evaluation process:
The 5 questions to consider in determining whether or not you are disabled according to the strict definition as set out by the Social Security Administration are as follows:

1. Are you gainfully employed? Gainfully employed means you make more than $940.00 per month or more.
2.   Is your condition severe? (The condition can be mental or physical or both, either way it interferes with your basic activities at work)
3. Is your condition found in their list of disabling conditions? (You can find these online through the SSA website at:
4.  Can you do the work you previously did?
5. Can you do any other type of work?

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