Don't Wreck Your Social Security Claim

Don't Wreck Your Social Security Claim
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Social Security - The Application 501.798.0004

The Application

The first step is the application process. You can submit your application by mail, phone or online If you complete your application by mail or online, you should always fill out the application completely. It is the claimants responsibility to make sure the application is accurate and completely filled out. Be sure to answer every question on the application. If you do not understand the question, call your local Social Security Office and ask for help.
Be sure you list every one of your illness, whether or not you think it contributes to your inability to work. There may be instances where the symptoms of different illnesses may collectively contribute to an inability to work, that perhaps you were unaware of.

List every one of your treating physicians (including mental health care providers), clinics or hospitals. This will provide a progressive view of your illnesses. If there is not enough room on the application to list these, attach an additional sheet.
In the work section give complete answers to the questions. This section refers to what you used to do, not what you are able to do now.

Be sure and make copies of everything you send to the Social Security Disability Administration. If you move or your phone number changes, make sure you have provided this new information to the Social Security Administration.

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